CHERRY - a durable keyboard

CHERRY - a durable keyboard

For some time now, Ingram Micro has offered our retailers keyboards that are a little more than ordinary, CHERRY has taken a place in our product portfolio.

CHERRY is an award-winning brand from Germany with a history that reaches back to the USA in the 1950s. It was back then that the manufacturer of electronical buttons for the automotive industry was started by a man named Walter Cherry. To make a long story short, CHERRY has been specializing in keyboard production s since the first computers first hit the market.

Today, CHERRY is the second largest brand on the German keyboard market and has its sights set high on the Nordic market as well.

In the Nordics, our brand is still relatively unknown to the big crowd. In the gaming world, however, most people know us as we supply switches for the buttons in the most reputable keyboards, says Nick Ahlbin, Sales Manager at CHERRY.

We are told that at CHERRY, high quality and user experience is in focus, alongside an unwavering commitment to deliver secure and durable products. All keyboards must work at start-up, regardless of whether the delivery contains of 2 000 pieces or just a few, something that is not a given with other manufacturers.

Several times, we have received orders from customers who first chose keyboards from another brand but then turned to us when far too high a percentage of them turned out not to work upon delivery. Unfortunately, it’s likely to happen when the keyboard is not your main product, continues Nick.

CHERRY has some keyboards that are certified according to the German Blauer Engel standard, which has a separate category just for keyboards. To achieve that standard, the product needs to live up to requirements such as:

  • Have a long life and being able to be repaired
  • Be easy to recycle
  • Have ergonomic properties and be quiet
  • Correct material selection and correct marking of the various materials

For all CHERRY keyboards there is a warranty period of 3 years, but the user can count on the product to last significantly longer than that. In relation to the high quality and long service life, the price of the keyboards is low.

Despite their relatively low price, CHERRY's products are of very good quality. That, together with the unique products offerings such as security keyboards with integrated chip card terminals, gives our retailers the opportunity to meet the increased demands that, for example, the public sector has in their procurements. It’s also a step in our ambition to offer more sustainable options for our partners/retailers," says Johannes Winqvist, Vendor Manager for CHERRY at Ingram Micro.

The goal now is to increase brand awareness in the Nordics in 2023, and the collaboration with Ingram Micro is an important step in the right direction.

As a start, we were looking for partners with whom we could work on a broad front in Europe. Ingram Micro is a large and established distributor. What’s become clear now that we have collaborated for a while, is that in this large global company we have found a partner with an incredible personal commitment to our products. There is a flexibility and a willingness to help the retailers discover our products, something that is of great importance for our continued investment in the Nordics," Nick concludes.