Meeting Owl Pro - now in Ingram Micro portfolio

Meeting Owl Pro - now in Ingram Micro portfolio

The need for good technology to work remotely and still maintain effective communication might never have been bigger than today. Why we are very happy to inform you that Ingram Micro has entered a collaboration with Owl Labs on a pan European level so that we can offer our customers in the Nordic region the smart complete solution Meeting Owl Pro.

Owl Labs is a collaborative technology company revolutionizing the way we connect. Owl Labs creates

deeply immersive and inclusive meeting experiences for today’s hybrid workforce and virtual

classroom. As more diversified and flexible working methods increase in popularity, companies need to find better ways to connect employees, whether they work in the office or from home. With Meeting Owl Pro, companies can create teams that work fully integrated, regardless of where the employees are.

About the product

Meeting Owl Pro is powered by Owl Labs’ proprietary intelligence technology, the Meeting Owl Pro automatically focuses on who is speaking in a room using audio and visual cues from its high-definition 360° camera, as well as eight microphones and tri-speakers, that have a pickup range of five meters. Through this technology the smart device is able to create a fully immersive, near face-to-face experience for all participants involved, and is also compatible with all popular video conferencing platforms.

Owl Labs' products are used by 50,000+ companies in 156 countries. Owl Labs has been recently named AV Technology Awards Communication Technology of the Year, as well as German Design Award Winners and Red Dot Award Recipient. The Owl Labs' Meeting Owl Pro is also named in TIME's List Of The 100 Best Inventions Of 2020.

“Having the ability to work from anywhere and communicate clearly and securely from everywhere is critical to the future of work,” states Joost Boon, director, Advanced Solutions, UCC Supply Chain and Business Operations, Pan Europe GmbH, Ingram Micro. “We are pleased to welcome Owl Labs to the Ingram Micro Pan Europe portfolio, and look forward to working together with our channel partners to generate greater awareness and demand for Owl Lab’s innovative and immersive video conferencing technology solutions.”

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